Back in August of 2020, I wrote a post about debloating a new Samsung device for a family member.

Well, I had another family member recently update their phone. This time due to issues with the screen and battery. Once again, debloat to the rescue.

They bought an LG phone which to my surprise didn’t have as much bloatware as a Samsung. But, part of that is they are a more technical person and I asked them what apps they wanted to remove. The previous family member is not very technical at all, so I made the decisions for them.

Now rumor has it that LG is going to get out of the phone game soon so I have no official comment on whether or not LG phones are better than Samsung. My personal preference is still either Samsung or Pixels.


This process has the potential to brick your device if you are not careful. I take no responsibility for any damage that may ensue. Proceed at your own risk.


Take a look at my previous article on debloating Samsung devices for ADB instructions: Debloating Samsung Devices

List of removed apps.

Here’s the list of apps that I removed from their new LG phone at their request.

com.king.candycrushsaga			Candy Crush
com.handmark.expressweather		1 Weather
com.tracfone.preload.accountservices	Device Pulse
com.tracfone.generic.mysites		My Sites
com.facebook.katana     Facebook
com.lge.fmradio		FM Radio
com.particlenews.newsbreak	News Break			Pandora			Pluto TV		Slot Mania
com.dna.solitaireapp		Solitaire
net.peakgames.toonblast		Toon Blast