Works confirmed with Office 2016/19/365

Every once in a while, I need to make a document that has a page in the middle that’s in landscape mode instead of portrait. Its usually to have more room for tables and graphs. It’s not immediately apparent how to do this, but it can be done within Word.

1) On the page you want to flip, position your cursor at the point of the first character on the page.

2) Select Layout in the Ribbon bar, and then Breaks > Next Page. This separates your pages into sections where different settings can be applied.

3) Then go ahead and change the orientation. The page you’re on will change.

To reset back to the previous orientation after your tables/charts/etc.:

4) Add a new page (I use the Page Break function on the Insert tab under the Pages option).

5) Add a new section again, (See step 2).

6) Change the orientation back to what it was previously.