I’ve been quite busy over summer doing a number of personal things here at home. I’ve been meaning to write more posts, but haven’t been able to. Its funny, even though I’ve been at home since March, I still can’t find the time to do all the things I’ve been meaning to do.

Personal Stuff

I’ve been reading a few comics and such that I like to follow but not much. Great for relaxing.

I was earlier this summer editing our old family videos from when I was a kid. I was converting them from tapes to digital. (I need to get back to that… “Computer take a note…..”)

I also need to go though the gobs and gobs of photos that we have and decide whats trash and keepable.

I just this last week actually got back into playing Start Trek Online. It’s been about 4 years since I last played. There’s been quite a few changes.

Tech Stuff

I’ve been looking at Docker on and off these last few months. I made two personalized containers. One that containerizes an old flash based video game using WINE and VNC connectors through Guacamole. Even though the company that made the game is long gone, I shouldn’t share it as who knows who owns the IP. The other is a Unifi controller - The Beta builds of Unifi (I like me some beta programs, thank you very little.)

I also about two weeks ago started going though the tutorials/quizzes on this site a found quite a long while ago. Its’ all on network forensics and as a security pro, I need to keep my game up. The site is Malware-Traffic-Analysis.

There’s still lots to do at look at, but I hope to get back to writing posts on the regular.