I haven’t posted anything recently due to the fact that while I have a few projects that I want to explore and write about, I’m waiting for the new version of Ubuntu Server to release next week (04-23-2020). The new version is Ubuntu Server 20.04, and most of my homelabbing is done with the Ubuntu Server distros.

One of the big benefits is the inclusion of PHP-7.4 by default. The projects I’m looking at utilize PHP as they are web-based and I don’t like to add external repos to my servers without good reason. For example I run a Plex server at home and accompanying it is an Ombi server. I added the Ombi repo to my server just for the Ombi updates, nothing else. So for PHP, I prefer to wait and utilize PHP-7.4 out of the box, than utilize PHP-7.2 or add a third party repo. So, as soon as the new version is released, I will be writing up more posts utilizing it.