I bought a refurbished Oneplus2 phone off of ebay a few months back. I had an interest in exploring Kali Nethunter and wanted a compatible phone.

Kali Nethunter is a suite of hacking and pentesting apps all packaged together in an installable binary for android phones. If you have a compatible phone, you can just flash it onto the phone, or you could sideload the new Nethunter App store and install most of the apps that way.

I wanted a dedicated device to play with and so thats why I bought the Oneplus2. I flashed it with TWRP for the recovery, and then flashed LineageOS. Once I had Lineage running, then I flashed the Nethunter package and Voila, a mobile discrete hacking platform.

I won’t go into full detail on how to install, as Lineage has great information on how to install both TWRP and Lineage, and then once you’ve installed both of those, you already know how to install the Nethunter Package. I will link to the pages though.

Also, there was some changes in LineageOS in late 2019 that seemed to cause problems with Nethunter 2019.4. I believe most of the issues were worked out for 2020.1, but I am not sure. I will list the build number of LineageOS that currently works for me and I have not had any time to test a newer build.

OnePlus2 LineageOS product page

Last known by me LineageOS build number working with Nethunter 2020.1: lineage-16.0-20200206

TWRP OnePlus2 page

Nethunter product page

I might do a install guide (with pictures!!) later but for now, this is what I’ve got time for.