This is a post from my original blog, I’ve re-posted it here.

For any tests against web-servers where I check if their SSL/TLS configuration is correct, I use both and High Tech Bridge for my tests. (High Tech Bridge has changed their name and domain, they are now ImmuniWeb) is the industry standard for checking SSL security for web-servers.

However, two advantages of High Tech Bridge is that it can also scan other SSL/TLS enabled ports, like email ports, and will check for PCI-DSS, HIPPA, NIST, and Best Practices compliance. Unfortunately, it seems to mark some ciphers that are known to be weak as required for HIPPA and NIST. The previous is no longer the case as they now comply with newer HIPPA and NIST requirements, as well as check for TLS 1.3. It also has a web-server scanner that will check what headers are presented to the end user and will check things like XSS vulnerabilities and HSTS.

In any of my posts that involve changing of SSL/TLS security, I will be recommending to use the two above services to check your changes, however, they are not the only sites available for such tests.